Boardwalk Empire Dr. Landau
Queens Supreme Abernathy
Spin City Executive
Law & Order Judge Mikkelson
One Life to Live Peter Manning
Pete and Pete Coach Nahrens
Travelin (pilot) Larry Birch
The Murder of Mary Phagan 
(NBC Miniseries)
Who's the Boss Dr. Carter
Best of Families (PBS miniseries) Johanson
The Dain Curse (CBS miniseries) Whitey
Maid in Manhattan Concierge
Igby Goes Down Undertaker
Private Parts Douglas Kiker
Die Hard with a Vengeance  Targo
Mr. Chief Justice John Marshall
Rude Awakening Dr. Albert
Funny Farm Dick Criterion
Planes, Trains and Automobiles New York Lawyer
Weeds Assoc. Warden Wilson

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